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Choose the right glass

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Wine drinking is a passion. More and more people are beginning to become fond of wine by the day and vineyards seem to be rolling out more bottles of wine than ever before. The demand for home-grown Australian wines and imports from areas like France, Greece and New Zealand has hit an all-time high.
For new wine drinkers it is highly suggested that they visit a couple of wine tastings. Many such wine tastings are free and there are experienced and knowledgeable people there to guide you on the best of wines and where they come from. The only thing to remember for new wine drinkers, especially beer drinkers is that wine is a drink that cannot be gulped.
While having wine is a divine pleasure, it must be remembered that wine is best when it is had in its own special glass. You cannot just uncork a wine and then slug the bottle. There are a couple of things to remember when having wine:
• First of all, red wine should be had in a large bottomed glass with a wide mouth. This kind of a glass allows the wine to be twirled around, during which the wine releases its scents and aromas.
• White wine glasses have a narrow bowl at the bottom. White wines are meant to be had chilled and therefore the narrow bottom at the base of the wine glass helps in keeping the wine glass cool and the long stem prevents changes to the wine from body heat.
• Last but not least, champagne or other sparkling wine should be had in a champagne tulip. This is a tall thin glass with a narrow mouth. The tall and thin structure of the wine glass prevents the carbonation in the wine from escaping.

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