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Todays Date: December 13, 2018

The universe is shrouded in an aggregate of mysteries that have driven so much speculative answers to the questions about the origin, structure and composition of this huge matter. Religious philosophy, theology and mythology in the early medieval period attempted providing answers to these questions that challenged the minds of then patrons. In reality these answers were primarily premised on dogmatic foundations without any credible proof indicators. This situation persisted until the advent of curious observable study in a quest to fill in the gaps left by mythology and religion in their attempt to explain the mystery of the universe. It is this curious probity and documentation of observable details that brought about the birth of the new scientific body of knowledge called cosmology.
Stated precisely, it is the deliberate study of the universe and the mystery of mankind’s ability to live uninhibitedly on it. It poses questions into the origin of this vast matter, the dominant characters in it that are able to support all forms of life. For contemporary man, the discovery of hitherto concealed information have, contrary to popular expectation, failed to bring to an end the popular discourse but rather reignited further questions leading to deeper inquisition and new answers. A case in point is the interesting theories surrounding the concept of the black hole, the supernovas, and the birth of stars. It is worth stating at this point that, cosmology as a natural science heavily leans on physics as an integral part of its theories. Physical concepts based on realistic and measurable facts provide the basis for launching investigative experimentation into the complexity of the universe.

Branches of Physics
To enhance a better understanding of what this entire discipline is about, I will commit the next paragraphs in outlining the constituent parts of physics, with emphasis on the areas of the subject that have a bearing on cosmology and my analysis.
Geophysics: It is a branch of physics that is solely committed to deriving an understanding of the earth with the aid of electromagnetism, seismic, and radioactive phenomena. The current stream of information available in the public domain pertaining to geological information is largely due to the diligence of this discipline. For instance, public opinion would also seek to find out what are the inherent causes of some natural disasters such as earthquakes and violent volcanic eruptions. Established geophysicists provide the answers to these questions and most importantly not just the causes but also with proactive admonishments on how to mitigate the impact of these disasters at the least possible costs.
Atomic and Nuclear Physics: Matter is made up of tiny building blocks called atoms. The earlier popularly held view was that atoms are an indivisible part of matter. B

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