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Credit Disputing – Learn Why the FTC Recommends You Do It On Your Own

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

If you need to take on credit disputing, your success depends on several factors. The difficulty level you should expect also depends on several factors. The most obvious factor is “How bad is your credit”? If it is quite a mess, there will be a fair amount of work to do. If it is only moderately messed up, you can expect to sink less time into the self credit repair process. But whichever is the case for you, let me assure you that you can see great results with credit disputing on your own.

Credit disputing consists of simply writing credit dispute letters to the credit reporting agencies to dispute accounts that you think are reporting inaccurately. Inaccuracies are common on credit reports. In fact, there are estimates that seventy-five percent of credit reports have errors on them! There are good chances that yours contains errors too, and it if does, your credit score will go up when you write those credit repair letters.

You may need to take some time to educate yourself on credit disputing and how to do it. This information is all over the web. Plenty of forums exist in which where people talk about their own experiences and how they managed–or didn’t manage–to dispute their credit report. This will help you learn.

Of course, you can do credit disputing through a credit repair company too, but do you know what the FTC has to say about credit repair companies? Check out the Federal Trade Commission’s website to see that their research and experience demonstrates that the average consumer can do everything a credit repair company can do for them, and we can do it for ourselves for only the price of the postage.

To learn the process of credit disputing for free, you should visit CreditBlossom.com. There you will find everything you need online–and for free. The siteprovides an awesome credit repair letter generating tool that you don’t even have to download to use. It also has video and written instructions, and it is absolutely free to the public.

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