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Crows : Beware

Todays Date: January 17, 2019

“If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.” Is a famous line once said by Rev.Henry Ward Beecher mid 1800’s (“Bird Brains”). Crows and their associate relatives, the crows, are quite intelligent birds, but many a people today are trying to get rid of them, especially get rid of crows and reasons include many including the put off crow sound.

Crows are non-vegetarian birds. They are predators and scavengers and tend to eat a lot that can be classified as non-vegetarian. A bulk of their diet is usually made up of worms and insects but these birds also feed on carcasses of animals and many a times of Humans as well. This is another one of the reasons that people get rid crows.

Crows are notorious birds known in olden times as the bringers of doom and death. It has been known for ages that a cat wailing and a crow sound are distinct identifiers of death and doom, though this is strange because the crow, a member of the crow family, is also supposed to be one of the most intelligent birds.

Another cause of getting rid of crows is that they like their brothers the crows; eat other smaller birds also including sparrows and songbirds. Farmers are frequent users of crow repellents because these ‘birds of doom’ are known to try and kill weak lambs and baby goats. They create havoc on farms by dropping their excreta all over the place and destroying crops. It’s only the other day when farmers found crow excreta and pieces of some meat on their sun dried tomatoes only to find that their puppy sheepdog had wandered away only to be killed and eaten by the rowdy birds.

No wonder it is legal to hunt crows and crows in the US of A!

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