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Delegation And Empowerment In Healthcare

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Delegation in the work place is a common management procedure. Effective management has been a subject of consideration to many people. It has formed the basis for many educational programs, seminars and workshops. However if it is executed in the right way delegation has many benefits to the organization and even to the empowerment of the workers who participate in it. Delegation is a tool used to transfer work to the other staff members, giving them responsibility which helps to contribute to nurturing as sense of accomplishment and belonging in them.
Changes in the health care system have increased the complexity in which the specialists and there subordinates, render their services (Charles, 2007). There has been an increased pressure on the care workers which has enhanced the need for delegation and supervision. All the jobs in the health care teams have been expanded as a result of delegation. Outsourcing of foreign nurses and delegating duties to them for example through the traveler nurse programs has lowered the cost of health care (Charles, 2007).
Delegation in the healthcare is as important as it is in any other sector of development. Healthcare workers for example nurses, clinicians and so on can obtain empowerment and professional development by successfully completing duties which have been delegated to him or her. In health services such as nursing which is practiced in a decentralized center delegation becomes so vital for work accomplishment (Marrelli, and Hilliard, 2004). A nurse manager for example, has to realize his or her goals and the ordering of priorities and the effective use of time to achieve priorities is of great importance that is when delegation comes in handy to enable the nurse manger to achieve all the set goals on time and in an effective way (Marrelli, and Hilliard, 2004). Those individuals who have been assigned duties through delegation in a health care facility are of mush benefit to the facility and so this tool comes in handy.
There has been an increased use of delegation as a method used to meet the health care needs of growing population especially for the children who have quit significant health needs. The recent advances in technology and the health care industry have offered vast opportunities for the young children who have special health care needs to enable them go to school (Marrelli, and Hilliard, 2004). Epidemiological reports have shown that the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, and seizures among school going children is increasing (Marrelli, and Hilliard, 2004). The problematic health conditions which were initially managed at inpatient settings through the tool of delegation are now being comfortably managed at the school setting (Gelfman, 2001).
Empowerment or delegation are aspects of work supervision and quality, they basically mean having work done through your people. history essay paper

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