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Do and don’t do to attract women

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

When it comes to attract women, sometimes a man would do anything for his woman, but sometimes there are things that no men should do. Attract women, seduction, whenever a conversation over these topics is initiated the whole atmosphere starts smelling sweet, the heart starts jingling around and the body is filled with a shivering experience. Ask any boy, “how to attract women?” this is their favorite topic for discussion.

Now lets move out of discussions and step into the practical world. Picking up women is quite amusing and equally complicated as well. If you ask me the girls are like air, you never know which way they flow. But every boy wants that this air flows to their homes. If you are single and are looking for a girl then all you need is a few tit bits and a dose of confidence; if you implemented the duo right, the women is going to be yours. Now I’m sure you have been sitting out there in the bar or night clubs, staring at all those lovely chicks getting in and going out. Just staring wouldn’t do anything, you have to put down your glass and get up from your seat and receive her with arms open.

When it comes to attract women, you are to show your manly attitude but with little care. Do go too deep with your maleness that the women recognize you as a threat. Be calm and soft, just begin with a general discussion. You can offer her a drink if met in a night club.

You don’t have to be touchy, in order to make yourself irresistible to women, the way you talk and speak is enough. Be soft spoken. I have seen often that men just loose their confidence when they are talking to women. This just spoils the whole scene. You need to retain and maintain your confidence when you are interacting with women. You can begin with a little bit of flirting. Again you need to define the limits of flirting. Too much flirting at the first meet may give a wrong impression. The women may develop negative feelings about you like you are just interested in taking her to bed. This is really a bad signature on your part.

One more thing men try to be too much physical with women. This is again a big mistake especially when you are on a first date. Holding her hand, or just giving little touches over her arm would be enough. The relationship that the men expect would take some time. If you try to reach the top of ladder just in a single step, that’s impossible.

Girls are sensitive, they take things too seriously, your one little wrong move will simply turn the tables upside down. So these little do and do nots are very crucial if you are single and are looking for a suitable match. If you are looking for some how to attract women tips then you can join our community. For details you can log onto: http://www.thepowertoattract.com

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