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Electric Bike-Design and usage.

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Electrify your 2 wheeler driving with the latest thing in the town, Electric Bike. They are the motorized forms of the bicycles.It is a bicycle with an attached motor used either to power the vehicle, as in the case of cycles with full automation or to assist with pedaling as in the case of semi automated types. It is therefore sometimes classified as a motor vehicles and sometimes as a class of hybrid vehicle.

Electric bikes may be powered by a variety of engine types and power sources; they have also utilized various types of engines right from two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline engines to electric, diesel, or even steam propulsion type engines. Although the modifications to the design of a basic cycle may be drastic to support motorization, but most of them are based or derived from standard bicycle frame adapting various designs and technologies.

They cannot be completely categorized as an automobile and also different from a motor vehicle in the fact that a motor vehicle is the kind whose propulsion is provided by an engine or motor, where the internal combustion engine is the most common choice for motor. An Electric Bike uses electric motors instead. Also the fact that the same set of rules of the road, laws or practices which all road users must obey, are not directly or in the same form applied to the electric forms of vehicles.

So as to assist normal pedal propulsion, the earliest motorized bicycles were fitted with motors and this happened when even gasoline engine and transmission designs were in their infancy. But then due to some reason pedal propulsion was increasingly replaced by constant use of a two or four-stroke gasoline engine, as time went on. But, the concept of using motor assist for the ordinary bicycle persisted and in due course of time is now on a boom due a lot of reasons like the perishable sources of energy used for the running of these engines and also the environmental hazards due to the bi products of the combustion of fuel in the combustion engine. And hence, the concept has now resurfaced over the years understanding the need for needful times particularly in times of austerity or fuel shortages. Infact even today in some countries where automobiles and/or fuels are prohibitively expensive, the electric forms are enjoying increasing popularity as a primary mode of transportation.

Propelled solely by the motor, if the rider chooses not to pedal or the moped type which commonly has only a vestigial pedal drive fitted, primarily to satisfy legal requirements (suitable only for starting the engine or emergency use) electric forms of vehicles have many types. Based on the intended use the design of the motorized bicycle varies widely. Another class, popularly termed motor-assist or pedal-assist bikes have the pedals as the main form of propulsion, with the motor used to give extra assistance when needed for hills or longer journeys while driving … so that you’ll always have a pleasant driving experience!

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