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Electric Scooter: A great invention!

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

One of the greatest inventions, Infact greatest and most beneficial inventions hasbeen anelectric powered vehicle. These are those snazzy and latest machines that run n

batterypower and are virtually noiseless. These scooters are not only in the form fcommercial vehicles but also in the form of motor driven wheelchairs that operate at thetouch of a button and run at constant speed. To top it all thesemachinesaremassivepollutionsavers, with electricity having literally nothing thrown out into the environment.

It has been proved that the electric scooter has way lower emission’s as compared toheirpetrol counterparts. Infact these emissions are next to none and that is why theseelectricscooterscan help to stop the ozone layer from depleting and to reducetheoverallpollutionindex.Thesemachines usually run on battery power, but recent nventions, also eelectricscootersrunning on hybrid fuel (Petrol + battery to start the motor and electricity to run it) oron fuelcells. A solar cell operated Electric scooter is also being researched and is under testing.

Anotherbenefit of the electric scooter, aside from mobility and petrol savings is costfectiveness.These machines are generally cheaper than their petrol counterparts and areeasiertomaintainhaving fewer parts. True that care has to be taken during rains but then these machines are usually on very low maintenance all year round.

For all those people whoavelosttheirability to walk or walkproperly, there are customized electric scooters available, many ofthem in the form of wheelchairs especially as, unfortunately enough, not many a people have the time or energy to be ushing their elders around. Plus in many countries the elders donot like to compromise with their independence and themselves don’t want to bepushedaround.

Not only does an electric scooter stop us from digging into the natural resources by saving on use of petrol, but ost of these machines use minimal amounts of oil with many of them using no oil at all. This prevents black residues from being formed and helps save on cleaning and maintenance. Thus if a petrol vehicle is normally washed twithingtoremember while using Electric scooter is to always charge the battery before travel and to remember the distance thevehicle can travel on a single charge. In case one need’s to travel a longer distance then it should be ensured that charging points are closeby.

Always remember to take careof your environment friendly friend!

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