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Enterprise Mobility Management And Solution By Apple n Berries

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Enterprise Mobility Management is a combination of people, processes, Networking and technology mainly looking to manage the increasing number of mobile devices, wireless network and related processes. Over the past few years this emerging mobility management plays a vital role within the enterprise. Enterprise Mobility Management has emerged as the essential tool top performing organizations use to take control of the full mobility lifecycle of their mobile ecosystem

According to the recent study, more than 80% of the population owns a mobile device and more employees will start using their mobile devices for work related purposes. And it’s imperative that new mobile applications should be developed.

The Scope of mobility in the enterprise seems to be expanding day by day. It includes cell phones, smart phones, broadband air cards and other proprietary hand held devices. Almost 98 percent of the enterprises are thinking of implementing mobility initiatives.

In order to manage the ever increasing growth rate of smart phones, enterprises are in the process of producing a comprehensive tool.

The Solution to this situation is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enables them to adapt rapidly to new mobile platforms, enforce specifications to IT standards, control access to corporate data networks, and secure mobile endpoints at their points of vulnerability.

There are several literal factors in EMM that will help an enterprise for managing the Enterprise Mobility. This includes right from assessing the various requirements to providing support to the end user. The various areas under EMM are application management, Service management, Security management, Expense management, End-user support.

With the help Apples ‘n’ Berries (AnB), the Enterprise Mobility solution, you can manage the mobility of your business far more effectively.

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