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Fraud Gang Cheat By iPhone 4 Model

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Fraud Gang Cheat By iPhone 4 Model

Guangzhou railway police detected a fraud gang using a special cell phone model substitution

Express News Li Guohui correspondent He Ling Zhang Xunan reports begin with you strike up chat, then asked toyou’re your

cell phone with excuse of battery power off, in order to allow you to rest assured also “charge” superior iPhone 4 (wholesale iPhone 4S cases) cell phone to you. If encountered such a situation, the public may have to be careful – the other is likely to be a liar, the cell phone he “charge” to your may be only a model, purpose of cheating your real cell phone! Recently, several swindlers use of ” apple hot ” in the train station, bus station and other places did “back door” trick, according to reports, Guangzhou Railway Police follow it, wiped out the fraud gang in one fell swoop, all four members were arrested.

Last month, at 9:30 on the 31st, police task force waiting in Yaotai Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, found the male suspect Lee involved there, that track him from Sanyuanli to Tianhe Bus Station. Police found the man entered the waiting room soontook the initiative to strike up a conversation with a young traveler wearing a yellow T-shirt. Both sides chatted hot for nearly an hour later, Li Moumou said his battery died as an excuse to deceive “yellow T-shirt” take out of his cell phone to play. Since then, Li Moumou carry mentioning again his blue bag on the other side, and put a blue shell iPhone 4 (best iPhone 4S case) cell phone on the bag in order to “charge” his own cell phone behavior deceive the other trust. “Yellow T-shirt” really fooled, then, Lee talking on the cell phone to the terminal on the first floor waiting room door.

Police swung ambush attack, captured control of Li Moumou, seized a Nokia (microblogging) E63-type cell phone. Li Moumou “charge” the iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S covers)just a cell phone model, and his luggage bag filled with just some old clothes.

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