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Free Credit Repair Information – Things to Look Our for in Your Quest for It

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

The credit repair industry is an enormous industry at present. It seems like companies are popping up in every corner. Also, there are online sites showing up all over the Internet about credit repair. A lot of them are designed to give you information for free to confuse so much that you’ll click on a credit repair company’s ad. Others actually do want to give you good help and good free credit repair info. The fact is that credit repair is not difficult if you understand it and if dealing with credit has been part of your profession. However to the ordinary person, it can be a puzzle.

Having researched the topic I would like to provide some tips for good sources to check out for free credit repair information. The first source to check out is the Federal Trade Commission. Simply search “FTC credit repair” and it will be the first link in Google. Read that page and read the PDF file too.

The next useful place to visit is credit repair forums. There are many on the web. Users there often ask about things, and people with real experience, even professional credit repair agents, provide answers to the questions. However, you could read for days on these forums. They will all offer you the basics and they all go into depth on many aspects of free credit repair information. These are very worth your time and energy.

One other excellent thing to seek out is sites that provide software people can use to produce personalized credit repair letters. There are a few of them out there, but you may have to do some searching to find them. After all, they are free services so they don’t have ads all over the net. Just be aware that there are sites where you can use this software for free. And they shouldn’t require you to download anything to your computer to use it. If they ask you for your credit card information or to download something, my advice is that you leave that site. Look for “self credit repair” and be looking for services that offer truly free use of software online. They can help you produce your credit dispute letters in a matter of minutes.

Matthew Wierzbinski is the owner of http://CreditBlossom.com, which offers both written and video instructions on how to repair your own credit. It also offers the public free use of its amazing credit repair letter generating tool, the Credit Repair Letter Wiz™, which can be found at http://creditblossom.com/Content/LetterGeneratingTool.aspx .

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