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Free Long Distance for Life – Now an Investment Reality

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

There have long been offers to the general public that concern free long distance for life but sadly it turns out as a scam or worse, theft from the legitimate long distance company. Thousands had their hopes crushed, and it became worse when money was involved. These innocents were cheated of their hard-earned money when they were promised a quick return on their investment and free long distance for life once they were able to make an on-time payment to ensure their place in the company. But when weeks went by without any word, these poor people reported the trickery to the police; unfortunately that was all they could do.

The day that people were able to send email seemed like a godsend. Imagine, sending mail for free! No more fussing with stamps or paying extra charges, getting the mail lost or what not, this was communications at its best! The market evolved into connecting over the webcam for free, sending SMS for free, and making free video calls. These are free long distance for life.  What an improvement over operator-handled lines, long distance charges, and cell phone nightmares with this free long distance for life. While these were all necessary, none of it was free. It was all actually horribly and horrendously expensive.

Now a new sort of technology has come online with VoiParty. A P2P form of communications, it’s one of the first that offers the great gift of communication to their members, everything for free, free long distance for life.

Along with free long distance for life, you have the chance to earn money, unlike any phone company that just takes your money from you whether you use the services or not. With a simple purchase and one-time payment of a router for their phone, they then can start earning, and take in their earnings up to the twelfth person that becomes a member through them. This is unprecedented, and such a bonus over the savings that you can get as a member with no more ties to the phone company with your free long distance for life!

What do you have to do to start? Just go to their website and click on the “Join Now” button. After filling up a few forms, you are now eligible for your free long distance for life and start making money by saving money with free long distance for life. It’s been estimated that you can actually save up to $300 on your phone bill every year. That is easy money in the pocket. Imagine all the work you can get done now, since you can contact anyone anywhere in the world with free long distance for life!

No longer do you have to worry when you mess up a phone call and accidentally place a call to Montreal when you wanted to make a domestic call in New York City. With free long distance for life, you can afford to laugh off that mistake instead of cringe when your phone bill arrives. How else do you earn? Because it’s a common practice to make use of Least Cost Routing, the phone will automatically allow non-members to use the cheaper connection (that’s you) and allow you to earn money.

It’s an aggressively growing business, with just the US alone generating almost ten billion dollars a year just by exploiting Least Cost Routing. Free long distance for life not only saves but will earn when the income generated by the company will be spread out over the life of the company to all lifetime members. So, it’s another route by which to earn.

So, what does free long distance for life really mean for you? Aside from saving money with your own free long distance for life, you are entitled to a portion of the profits that can be generated by VoiParty just by routing calls of non-members through your personal router. The more people in the system, the more you can earn through residual income, aside from your direct earnings and your share I the company profits from free long distance for life.

It will certainly be a large loss for you if you don’t take advantage of free long distance for life and these opportunities it brings to make you money. There are various types of bonuses that you can earn depending on what you choose to take. Either cars, trips to vacation hot spots, or that cold cash that you used to throw away are welcome exchanges from horridly expensive phone bills.

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