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Get rid of crows humanely!

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

If you are one of those Australians living in Australia, and especially if you are an Australian farmer, then the word ‘crow’ is sure to bring a look of disgust to your face. All over Australia, people are looking at different options to get rid of crows. Many are using various forms of crow scarers and crow deterants to scare away crows, but unfortunately these pesky birds find their way around most of the crow deterrants making it all the more difficult to get rid of crows.

The black bird called the crow is an unfortunately intelligent bird and a bringer of doom. People hate the horribly loud crow sound and it has been said by many an old timer that a continuous cat mewing outside a house or a crow cawing is the first signal of deep sickness or even death. And as if it were icing on the cake, crows are black and black has always been associated with evil. It can be noticed many a time that a dead animal is being eaten up bcrows, or even a dead human for that matter. Many a crows can be seen outside cemeteries and graveyards.

These birds are pretty intelligent and have understood ways around most of the crow deterrents and various other forms of crow traps. Not only that, once a group of crows is in the area, they do not allow other birds to be in the same area. Many a large property owner, who put out food for lovebirds and songbirds, find that those lovely little birds have been killed by the nasty non vegetarian crows for food. Plus it is very nauseating to wake up on early morning for a job only to find the entire pathway smelling and full of crow excreta! What a way to begin an otherwise lovely Australian morning!

And then of course, once crows infest an area, they do not allow other birds and animals into the area and getting rid of the crows themselves is becoming increasingly difficult. It is not just as easy as scaring a crow away using some form of crow scarers or laying a crow trap or using some other form of Crow deterant . These pesky, regrettably intelligent, maniacs cause problems of severe nature. Farmers have umpteen dozen times said crows have destroyed their berries and grains or that the bacon left to dry out in the sun was taken away by the crows and no amount of crow deterants are working. To top it up crows have a tendency of killing and eating new born chickens, hens and even baby lambs.

But despite all this killing crows in Australia is illegal. Thus close to every Australian house or farm is now looking to get rid of crows or scaring them away using crow deterrents and other more humane techniques.

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