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Guaranteed Seo advice at elevate consulting

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

The emergence of a whole new industry deemed ‘Search Engine Optimization’ has been the result of an increasing and important focus on improving companies online visibility. These ‘SEO’ companies offer services that aim to improve the client’s organic search engine rankings for selected keywords. They provide Strategic SEO planning, Expert SEO advice, and many more techniques to increase your traffic. Strategies are based on improving the sites Page Rank (PR), visibility and relevancy for the targeted keywords. These include: Link Building, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission and On-page Meta Optimization.

Some SEO companies have had mixed results, blaming this on the unknown and uncontrolled search algorithms for not meeting their client’s expectations but this all is all about to change as their clients are no longer fooled by their semi technical jargon. These companies are become increasingly interested and knowledgeable about every aspect of promoting their online presence through social media networks. It is now increasingly common for companies to be using an integrated mix of online social interaction platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog Subscriptions or the reading of user reviews and it is rare for executives to simply be associating themselves with just one of these networks.

Online searching has greatly expanded the availability for companies to be reached online and therefore corporate promotion has become extremely competitive. Literally thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of websites compete for the consumer’s attention.

Ecommerce success is no longer an unattainable goal, with many companies proving that online promotion can be very profitable. Online business that can harness this exposure to the millions of online users can not only achieve success, but also sustainability.

A sample review of Search Engine Optimization Consultants revealed that SEO services can vary hugely in costs. Some fees start off under $100,whilst others come in closer to $10,000. Is it possible that they are offering the same services? The short answer is no. The cheaper SEO firms tend to use automation software, robots and word spinners, whilst the higher end providers strategically engage consumers in socially targeted conversations. With this being the case, how can this pricing variance be justified? In most cases it cant and occasionally a cheap automated service might achieve a slower more crafted and tailored approached.

Most importantly, it must be taken into account that the quick results might be using non approved search engine optimization techniques and therefore risk the possibility of been penalized or even been dropped altogether from the search engine results. This stems the question of how do you select which option is best? And what is the right SEO provider for your company? The best method is to select a SEO company with performance based SEO services, this way you are sharing the risks and you are ensured that they have the incentive to achieve the best outcomes for your company. Performance based SEO services can be benchmarked against a number of relevant performance indicators and these are easy to track and help keep the online promotion strategy the right track.

A good resource to keep abreast of detailed discussions on selecting different SEO performance indicators is the Organic SEO Blog.

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