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Harness the power of online social media

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

Facebook and twitter are two social media giants that no one can argue with. In the recent years both these online social media portals have gained immense popularity, especially twitter which wasn’t so popular earlier. Now with modern technology and with more and more people taking advantage of the online social media networking world, facebook and twitter have become one of the biggest targets for internet marketing.

The world of social media is Infact growing so fast that people feel that social media will be the internet’s net search engine with actual live people answering questions rather than a machine creating search results. The social media marketing is similar. It is marketing a product or service to people who almost live in a virtual world. So much so that the number of such people is ever increasing with some people getting facebook and twitter accounts even before they are born.

Speaking of twitter, it has recently crossed the 75 million active user mark with some twitter users having twitter followers in millions, especially celebrities. Now if you were a website owner selling a product or a service and looking to promote your website, would you not want to be able to reach out to as many people as possible? And if you were to get twitter followers or get facebook likes would it not be a golden opportunity to be able to likeminded masses?

Yes it actually would because traffic from twitter and traffic from facebook to your website will be targeted. This means that the people who come to your website from social networks like facebook and twitter are going to be people who are interested in the product or service you are offering and should they like what they see, this turns into a golden opportunity to be able to gather up some invaluable word of mouth publicity.

Today, with modern internet marketing companies understanding the potential of the gross 600 million+ users that facebook and twitter together has, they have begun to offer packages for purchase wherein you can get targeted twitter followers and get facebook likes for your respective online networking id. This way the people who follow you on twitter or like your page on facebook will be people who are interested in what you are offering and are most likely to buy and / or utilize the product or service on offer. And at the rate at which these online social media portals are going, a time will come where people will live on the internet and will only eat and sleep in the real world!

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