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How To Read The Stock Market

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

A capital will always be required for starting up a new venture by any individual or a company. Raising this capital can be done by many means. Companies can even make a public offer and collect the amount through selling its shares to the investors. Each share will get the investor some piece of ownership of the company. The more you hold the more of the company is yours. The company’s offer the IPO (Initial Public Offer) through which it sells its shares to the investors. The prices and number of IPO shares is pre decided on the basis of the capital required by the company. After which the shares come in the secondary market where they can be bought and sold based on investor’s choice.

Shares can further be bought and sold by investors at the market price giving them a profit or loss. The market price of the share mainly depends on its demand and supply in the market. Thus, when in a high demand, the prices of the shares go up and when more on supply, it falls down. Shares can be bought and sold by any investor through the above mentioned exchanges.

Having understood the concept of stock exchange and the price of shares, let us now see how the investor trades in these shares. To begin a share trading in the stock market one has to open up an investment account either through a brokerage firm or an online account which allows internet trading.

Every investor requires adequate knowledge and experience of trading in the stock market before investing his money. This will help him in getting good results and saving on time and effort. One must be aware of how does the stock market work before he starts investing. Today there are lots of online sites, books and videos which give education to us on this subject. They carry the necessary data and information which an investor should know about the market’s movement. A good accuracy of estimating the market and share prices are difficult and requires a thorough study.

The stocks can be bought through an initial issue or a secondary market. Institutional and accredited investors get an advantage of getting IPO’s than normal investors. However the secondary market is full of action with more of buying and selling of shares. This buying and selling happens among the investors in the exchange and the company gets nothing through this transaction.

* Days Range and the 52 Wk Range – The days range gives the highest and lowest price the share was traded throughout the day and the 52 Wk Range gives the highest and lowest price the share had in the last 52 weeks of transaction.

A corporation comprises of a group of companies which work on the project for mutual benefits. The corporations may be a public or a private depending on the beholders. These corporations can also issue shares having different classes which offer different privileges to its investor. Some companies can also share their profits by distributing it to the shareholders in form of dividends.

Stock market can be defined as a source of raising capitals for the company and for the growth of economy. Sometimes market even faces some wrong practices and naked shorting resulting in unplanned falls. Thus knowing how does the stock market work becomes a must for new investors. Having good knowledge and experience in the stock market will surely make you a short term or a long term successful investor.

Learning how to read the stock market works is very basic for the stock market industry. Anyone who wanted to invest on this business must make sure that he understands this. Day trading stocks are another aspects of the business that he needs to learn.

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