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How to text a girl

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

For many the first text message turn out to be the founding stone of their relation and for other it turns out to be the grave for the relationship that never blossomed. Your first text message to the girls narrates a lot many things about you and your personality. Finally you have got the number of the girl who you have been loving from deep within, one text message can completely change the entire scene. Next day you could be there holding her hand out of affection or all your dreams get smashed to grounds with a simple word “SORRY.”

If this is going to be the first time you are to text a girl then there are a few things that you need to learn. The first text message should be purely value giving. It should be short, funny, playful or flirty. And please don’t ask any questions that are really useless like What are you doing, how are you doing? Etc etc.

Don’t try to be too nice, this will give her an impression of you as being boring and dumb. Once you got that boring mark, forget your chances there.

The text to a girl should portray your confidence. Just add a sense of humor and never try to be too serious or needy.

It’s important when you’re learning how to text girls that you steer clear of the normal, “boring” text messages. If you’re texting a very beautiful girl, she is probably ALREADY getting texts from normal, needy guys, so you have to stand out and above those needy guys.

And if the return message comes in a form like Who are you? Just don’t tell her, keep her sending those flirty messages. Never reveal your identity, just keep on spiking her curiosity in you. The longer you go with the texting the better it is for you.

Along with the text messages you can use emocations. Any variation of these can be used. By using them your can portray feelings of playfulness & sympathy, or simply let her know that you are in a good mood. Even an overly cocky statement can seem less so when using emoticons.

Never go too long with the text messages, keep them short and simple and make the maximum efforts to engage the girl in you. Touch on lots of different subject, be random. Never feel obliged to address a specific subject or conversational thread the girl introduces unless it’s conducive to setting up a date.

These are just the few things that would make your text allow you enter a long relationship. The problem while you are to text a girl is that there is a whole pack around there, so there are all probable chances of yours being rejected. So you need to be very careful with the texting and ensure that you receive a positive reply from the other side.

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