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Leather: Types and Choices for your furniture

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

True to the belief that when you want glamour, style and elegance at its best what better to choose than leather! May it be your jacket, your handbags or wallets, your car eats, shoes or be it the Leather couches in your living room. Leather goods always lay a different type of impact on the people are sure to get noticed. They are also symbols of class and comfort.

Leather is generally produced through different manufacturing processes on various scales right from the cottage industries to the heavy industries. It is created by the tanning and crusting of animal rawhide and skin (primarily cattle hide) decomposition/ fermentation by some putrefying bacteria. The chief reason for it being popular since the ages is that it is very durable and flexible material. The quality of the leather may depend on the manufacturing process that has been used to produce it. The enzyme process it has undergone, the preservation and conditioning of the leather etc.

There are various forms of leather commercially available and sold in the market:– Full-grain leather: Mostly used for making furniture and also footwear. They are typically available in aniline and semi aniline type, depending on the processing style. The grain remains allowing the fiber strength, durability and also has breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact which means that rather than wearing out, it will develop a patina over time.-Top-grain leather: It is typically less expensive and as long as the finish remains unbroken it will have a greater resistance to stains than full-grain leather. It is the second-highest quality leather with a finish coat added to the surface resulting in a colder, plastic feel finishing with less breathability. It will not develop a natural patina like full grain. – Corrected-grain leather: used to make pigmented leather as the solid pigment helps hide the corrections or imperfections. They can mainly be bought as two finish types: semi-aniline and pigmented.- Split leather: created from the fibrous part of the hide left once the top-grain of the rawhide has been separated from the hide; Has an artificial layer applied to the surface and is embossed with a leather grain. Not a very good choice of leather to purchase.

Less-common leathers include Buckskin or brained leather, Patent leather, Shagreen, Vachetta, Slink, Deerskin, Nubuck type etc .. Most of them used for making small items like wallets and knife holders, gun holsters etc. Other than these there are two other types of leather, that is belting leather and Nappa leather,that are commonly used in specialty products, such as briefcases, wallets, and luggage.

It is very important to understand and take into consideration the type of leather that has been used for the making of the leather couches and furniture before buying them. The best type for every individual might vary depending on the budget, purpose and usage criteria. Some might be good to look, but only short lived; some might give you a rugged look in case you are looking forward to it. With endless number of options available online all you’ve got to do is log on and shop or incase need some customization, then you can give the dimensions depending on the corner size of your living room etc and get them made just for you.

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