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Medical Imaging

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

Referring to Andrew et al (1999) Medical imaging is a very important field in the medicine area. The use of the equipments is one of the major issues when it comes to imaging. We cannot ignore the concept of electrical engineering that is applied in this field (Allan, 2005). That is why my research is about use of motors and how they can be modified to avoid generation of their own electromagnetic field and to avoid use destruction of the equipments.
According to Lena (2005) there is demand of monitor and motion in the medical devices. This research paper will be concerned about the use of monitors and motion in the extreme electromagnetic field. Motion control technology is what is used in the medical imaging equipment and on the surgical instruments and medical pumps (Gallinat, 2006). In some of this equipment special monitors are required to assist in operating the machine. Since the electromagnetic motors contain ferrous metal it has been seen that they can be considered as safe when applying them in the magnetic resonance imaging (Macovisk, 2000). It should however be noted that some of the electromagnetic motors may as well generate their own magnetic field or the radio frequency field hence causing damage to the equipment that is being used.( Gonzalez and Wintz,1999).
That is why this research paper tries to look at how best we can motorize medical imaging application without causing any damage to the equipment. Using some of the electrical engineering application this would be very convenient and possible to the user and the patient who the equipments are being used on (Richard, 1999). This can be achieved by use of ultrasonic standing wave principle that will generate the rotary motion in small foot print. To avoid the destruction of the materials there is need to come up with a motor that will not produce it own magnetic field (Crampin et al, 2004).
This will be very important in trying to prevent the generation of artifact on the machine. Smith et al (1999) observed that in the medical imaging the destruction of the image has been a common problem and therefore the need to have the electronic engineering technology that will prevent this occurrence. Most of the designers of the medical imaging equipment face this challenge and therefore there is a need to come up with technology that will help to eliminate this (Soleimani, 2006). In this research paper I shall be discussing how the motors can be modified to perform better during imaging.

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