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Mobile internet in the Bus!

Todays Date: January 23, 2019

Broadband is basically a high speed internet access that allows you to surf the internet as never before speeds. Home broadband speeds generally begin at 256 or 512 kbps and then go on higher to as much as 16mbps. People choose different plans and then based on availability and price; these plans can then be upgraded in terms of price or in terms of speed and data transfer as well.

Home broadband internet is a lot different from the internet of the erstwhile years. There is no more unplugging of the telephone line and then replugging it into the modem. Phones are engaged no more and internet speeds are not limited to what they were in those times. Internet programming technology has changed a lot too over the years and most obviously the media used on the internet has changed too and is using rich media flavors like Silverlight and flash because the high speed home broadband and mobile broadband offer speeds that support and run all these technologies.

One of the most common forms of home broadband today is the DSL or Digital Subscriber Line. DSL comes to your house on the plain old telephone line. The line, on reaching your house is split into two parts. One part powers your telephone while the other part powers the modem. The modem itself can be wired line or wireless modem. DSL speeds generally begin at 256kbps and go upto 16mbps, and not to mention that unlike the internet of yester years DSL home broadband is disconnection free, unless there is some pre-informed maintenance going on, on your telephone line or home broadband service.

DSL can also be had in a flavor known as Naked DSL or Pure DSL. Under this flavor the line you get is a pure internet only line and does not support POTS or Plain Old Telephony Systems. This means that the line that comes to your house does not support the usage of a telephone instrument although internet telephony or VOIP is supported.

Various companies like 3 and tpg also offer mobile broadband. Mobile Broadband is mobile based internet similar to the home broadband, but different because it is powered through a USB based internet key or a PCMCIA card. This way you can have high speed internet where you go with you mobile or portable computer, including in the mall, in a bus, in a traffic jam and more!

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