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Moving days: Holidays!

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Pack stuff… Make lists… take an inventory… check if all is ok… feed the kids… cage the animals… pack up all files on desk… ensure no critical papers are out of place…. Seal boxes of files… Whoa… And you say Removals London / London Removals are easy????

A moving day usually is a pain in the neck for most people. Yes, the excitement of moving to a new house, cleaner place, maybe better surroundings is there, and you tend to think that you can easily move things in the minivan your office is willing to lend to you, but for all you know things may not be as rosy as they seem!

A lot of stuff has to be packed. Office files have to be put in boxes and sealed and then, it has to be decided if you are using your car for the office stuff or it goes with the home/house stuff in the minivan. Most of the time, taking this stuff by car can be risky because packing is not efficient, and taking it by London Underground services is worse because this stuff has to be carried down by escalators or lifts and then, loaded and unloaded, from the tube itself. With So many people at the station, people running, Children screeching, and the occasional beggar asking for pennies and beer, it becomes a tide bit uncomfortable too, adding to overall tensions!

Office Removals are all the more different because office isn’t the same as home and these removals differ from House Removals in a Major Way. Things have to be in perfect order, listed and then put away neatly in files, which then find places in boxes. One paper out of place, when you land at your new office, especially with your boss wanting it in the next 10 mts, and there you will find yourself calling your local GP for headaches, cold sweats and high tempers!

Then, upon reaching the final destination, matters take a turn for the worse, because it is a new place and it has to be decided what is to be kept where and how! Labors may need to be hired to carry heavy stuff like a sofas or beds and then all of a sudden it comes to realization that you have a personalized carpet or wallpaper and need someone to lay it. So all in all you need a different team for everything, provided you are hell bent on doing your home removals / house removals yourself.

That’s why, if in London, use a removals company. Call them, be honest, tell them what you have and how you would like it shifted, accept the terms and conditions, and then leave it in the expert hands of the moving company who will come on the pre-appointed date and time, with the pre-decided labor and vans, pack your things, move it to the new address. Not only that, the smiley faced, moving-manager from the Removals London/ London Removals company always tries to make your moving day as good as a Holiday!

Make your House removals / office Removals day a Breeze with a Removals London/ London Removals company!

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