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Online meetings and web Conferencing: Cost Effective and Time saving!

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

The internet is one part of our life that we cannot do without. Gone are the days when it was brought about as a simple mode of communication. Today’s internet is a boon for all, and a mode of rich, animated and effective communication. People of the age and experience of our parents would recall computers of the size of entire rooms and how they would throw off a lot of heat and how the parents, then as kids, would be jubilant to see one single line or flicker across the massive screens.

These people would probably not even have imagined the miraculous growth rate of the internet and the plethora of devices that have made the internet all the more enjoyable and interesting. One of these devices, the camera or webcam, coupled with a communications software and high speed internet is the ideal recipe to hold web meetings and for web conferencing.

A web meeting or online meeting, much like its normal counterpart, is basically a meeting with 2 or more people coming together to discuss a topic. What differs these web meetingsfrom the rest is that they are held in a virtual environment. This may be between 2 people as a point to point communication and between multiple people, as a multi point communication. Companies around the world are now looking at web conferencing and online meetings, instead of traditional, because of the high travel costs and so as to reduce overall costs for the company.

Participants are not sitting together but are at different places, which may even stretch to different cities and different countries. They sometimes have a telephone line to discuss things further, although, with modern technologies, even this is a thing of the past. These participants generally have to download a application that supports web conferencing with many of these applications readily available in the market, and then couples with internet and camera, they are able to hold a web conference.

Generally, these web conferences, support slide show presentations, online video webinars, VOIP, complete meeting recording, IP’s, POTS and more. And with advent of modern technology, these cost effective techniques are now much easier to adopt, with many a company offering internet browser based web meetings and online meetings. All that is required is a web cam and a high speed internet connection and you can connect into your meeting right from your laptop. No wonder the boss at the company’s head office finds it much easier to stay in touch with his employees now.

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