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Snazzy and yet environment friendly!

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Ever seen a person riding a snazzy looking scooter that seems to make no noise? Not even the traditional whirring when accelerators are pulled up?? Ever seen a really old gentleman / lady in what looks like a wheelchair but moves without being pushed around?? Well, these are all examples of the latest pollution savers… the Electric scooter.

These latest Natural gas resource savers may help stop the ozone layer from depleting and to reduce the overall pollution index. Usually these machines use to be run by battery power only, but recent inventions, also have electric scooters running on hybrid fuel (Petrol + battery to start the motor and electricity to run it) or on fuel cells. A solar cell operated electric scooter is also being researched.

These machines are also a big boon to people who have lost the ability to walk or walk properly. In today’s busy lifestyle hardly anyone is available to push these people around on a wheel chair and most of these people are at an age when they do not want someone tagging along with them all the time. They want to be left alone and yet don’t want to push their wheel chair themselves. The answer to their problems is also the same: The ever popular electric scooter.

The only thing to remember while using an electric scooter is to always charge the battery before travel remember the distance the battery can travel on a single charge. In case one need’s to travel a longer distance then it should be ensured that charging points are closeby. Last but not the least;Electric scooters should not be allowed to get completely wet, because this can cause severe damage to the circuits of the electric scooter.

Always remember to take care of your environment friendly friend!

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