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Strategic human resource management

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Human resource management can be described as the art of organizing, operating and streamlining the manpower and personnel base of an organization and thus enabling this asset to be crated along the ideal values and mission of the said organization. Typically, the human resource departments of most organizations be it in the public or private sector, are at the forefront of the recruitment processes of the organization they represent. It is therefore incumbent to understand the values of the organization in order to attract the right caliber of staff that can make significant inputs to the work of the organization.
The practice of human resource management entails the creation of a consistent system of harmonizing decisions about people in consistency with the stated goals an organization. To enhance effectiveness, the Human Resource activities of the organization must be fused into the overall planning process, with a mechanism that facilitates the building and development of strong relationships between Human Resource departments and the general management structure. Owing to the evolving trends in industry, personnel management which is still part of the human resource component is now being called upon to respond these changes in order to enhance competitiveness. Therefore in this paper I will be discussing some of the main insignia that have become associated with contemporary art of managing personnel.
Human Resource Alignment
An organization can be recognized and understood based on the type of personnel it hires and retains, primarily because it mirrors what the organization stands for. A direct consequence of these innovations is what has become known as “aligning” personnel management in the main planning process. It is a reflection of a higher dimension of the accountability structure of the organization. In the recent past Human Resource personnel were obsessed with the institutionalization of legalistic standards; however, under the recent alignment concept increasing premium is now being placed on output performance and how it impacts the organization as a whole.
Importance of Human Capital
It is worth stating that the private sector have also being awoken to the increasing importance of human capital in instituting progress. Hitherto, private sector was dominating in advocating for increasing expenditure on financial and technological capital build up as a means of enhancing overall market competitiveness. However, recent developments have lead them into now giving so much premium to the human capital element of the organizational structure. It is based on the firm believe that attracting and retaining the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills and capacities, then the success prospects of the organization becomes enhanced.
It is typical of every business entity to seek to reach an aligning balance in their quest to adequately provide whatever necessary compensation

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