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The development of LED industry in USA

Todays Date: January 23, 2019

The States begin to strongly advocate and support LED business in 2009. As we have an optimistic assessment of the cake, a lot of new LED companies increased before and after the introduction of relevant policies, while some local governments adopt the “market for investment” approach to vigorously promote and attract LED business, business LED did not do as a business, the Government did not do the LED as an industry, resulting in a “false investment” phenomenon. The reason is simple: Some companies see the LED’s “Ten City, ten thousand,” the street market, and in some county government to attract foreign investment demand, to invest and set up the county-level cities, the local government is also very generous “local government-owned street light project gave investors” think about only 5,000 of the city lights, can support the enterprise it? Does the Government have tender or not in process of the eyes? The result is: once in full swing between the government and enterprises “marriage” or even a honeymoon to divorce, divorce is the result of the sale of property (we can not help but suspect that LED investments to develop the real estate itself is not it?).


Moreover, many government projects energy is used in contract management or equipment leasing model, imagine the number of Chinese enterprises own LED can withstand such a huge financial pressure? Even with the financial strength, a few can afford such a long warranty? Products of their own business have confidence in it? There are many small businesses targeting the export market, but many domestic enterprises in addition to the advantages of low-cost, patent, product quality is not any advantage, the results accidentally get an order, if not into the quality Paul’s tedious work, but also no second single. It is understood that so far there is no order number is also a lot of business.


“Production”, “development” how to solve? So the emergence of new phenomena and new market portfolio, more and more customers are increasingly believe the big companies in the LED industry, because it is safe, reliable, cost-effective; also appeared the “leasing company + manufacturer + client” tripartite cooperation body, because this is the perfect combination of “financial, product, market,” the best combination. Some of the strength of large enterprises, in some projects does on their own contract energy management. The development of small enterprises is still far from their face is to survive, but the reality of how such survival? And strength of large enterprises only marriage or the injection of large amounts of funds is required to exercise their own internal strength, and better development, but to turn out to be a good internal strength it takes time.


With a good business model, with deep internal strength products business (led lighting products), with the overwhelming market and take some fish in troubled waters of the businesses and individuals, LED industry to progress steadily (grow lights). Throughout the LED industry, shut down, transformation, and integration of marriage, may seem cruel, in essence, is the beginning of the innocuous development of LED industry. From: wholesale led lights

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