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The heart of a city

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

It is the birth of a city that places great civilizations on the historical map. When a society had progressed to the point of establishing specific jobs, social hierarchies and a method to expand their productivity and protect their resources, they made cities. From the Roman Empire to the Classic Greeks, from the Chinese Dynasty to the Aztec civilization, having a city was central to progress, development and culture and it was always in these metropolises that people migrated to in hopes of gaining knowledge or contributing their talent. For those who have lived in the city all their life, there really is nothing that compares. Modern cities of today are marked by their bright lights, the diversity of people, the infinite possibilities of things to do and the constant hum of change, progress and traffic. Although living in the city can have its drawbacks, it is still the best place one can live.
Cities offer endless possibilities on every front. Whether you are looking for a new place to eat, a new job to try or a fresh face to meet, everything can be found in the city because one of the benefits of living in the city is the excitement of knowing it is always changing, never stagnant and continually moving forward. It is a place that will change into what you need it to be.If you are looking for a place to make close friends who share your passions, there is no better place than the city and if it’s career opportunities you seek, no other place will give you so many options to further your aspirations. There is never a shortage of innovation or creativity and this allows the city to adapt to everyone’s taste. They are transit places and because people are constantly coming in and moving out, so too does the city. Indeed Plato said that the “city is what it is because [the] citizens are what they are.” The artists, politicians, philosophers, economists and musicians that live in the city shape the spirit of the city and make city-living an experience that never gets boring and ensures that there is always a wealth of opportunity to achieve one’s dreams.
However those who prefer small towns and rural suburb have many criticisms for city-living. They complain that cities are too crowded and unnecessarily polluted, that they are breed feelings of inadequacy because they are too competitive. These critics see the change that takes place in the city as instability, they view the vibrancy as noise and see the concentration of knowledge as over-population. These people do not understand the heart of the city and fail to see that without cities, there would be no hope for their small towns to survive. Because of their small-mindedness and limited aspirations, they become annoyed at city-dwellers who have large dreams and the courage to follow them.

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