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The Research Essay – Academic Help

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Where a challenging issue is present, a research essay will aim at providing solutions to that problem. It does so by deeply analyzing source materials while at the same time conjoining the ideas in those materials with your own. This will aim at comparing and contrasting your own view points with those in the source materials.
A careful consideration should be borne in mind when selecting a given topic so as to avoid being too wide as this will be too difficult to treat in details. Your essay needs to be explicit and implicit to display thoroughness of all the points in question.
Plagiarism is a risky issue to a researcher as it is very tempting to use other person’s ideas or opinions as if they were your own without acknowledging the other author with evidence and source. Be original in your essay and if need be you can extract your evidence from primary and secondary sources.
If your are commenting on a given document or book-specific to the topic you are tackling, then that is your primary sources. But, to go outside and look for other quotations and relevant sources other than the primary source, then that is known as the secondary source.
Be brief and to the point in your essay by giving convincing substantiated evidence. Provide varied but many examples to make your argument convincing.
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