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The true causes poverty

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

A wise was once quoted as saying that “poverty is the worse of all human evils and also the worse of all known human crimes.” Indeed, this might seem very subtle, but the truth still remains that poverty is an ugly reality that has been with the American civilization in decades and continues to pose a serious developmental challenge.
Frank Stricker weary of the appalling state of poverty in the American social milieu took it upon himself the onus of investigating the true nature of poverty in the United States. His findings as published in his monumental work entitled, “Why America Lost the War on Poverty and How to it Back,” gives an explicit presentation about the central factors underlining the failure of successive governments to wrestle down this evil.

The paradox of the American poverty can be likened to the proverbial adage that the fool thirsts in the abundance of water. Either covertly or overtly, this discrimination might appear very extreme. After a closer examination of what the legendary Stricker asserts to will serve a useful purpose in creating a favorable platform to vividly examine the veracity or otherwise of this assertion.
In a rather unconventional manner, Stricker chooses to make the capitalist economic philosopher the main target of his uncompromising punches. In the heat of the cold war that was characterized by the radical competition between the leading economic ideologies, the capitalist economic model rose out of the ashes of an ailing and collapsing socialist cum communist ideologist unscathed. A major point of glory for which capitalism claims utter credit for is its so-called self-regulatory economic systems that ensured a natural steering of economic activities to an optimum output. Consequently, massive job creation becomes an abiding legacy of a capitalist economy. A system that does not deprive any member a fair chance of rising above poverty and its attendant mediocrity. To this end, capitalism had at its core the combating of poverty as a premium goal.
Regrettably, in retrospect, America which is widely hailed as the true prototype of all there is to capitalist economic ideologies brazens on the brink of a miserable urban poverty. A natural by product of such a social trend is that social apprehension and meteoric crime indicators becomes inevitable.
Contrary to what capitalist economic theorists are espousing, Frank Stricker makes a strong case against this congenital economic fallacy. He is not a utterly against capitalism in its apparent sense, however, his source of contention is the evasive tendency generated by capitalism and further entrenched by high income inequality along demographic lines. It is a system that is highly debasing to the inherent sense of satisfaction generated from the dignity of labor.

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