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Tips On Installing A New Bathroom Towel Rack

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

It’s a pretty simple process to install a bathroom towel rack, but there are a few things that one must keep in mind during the process. These towel racks need to securely hang from the wall, since wet towels will be hanging on the racks. The most important piece of advice I can offer during this process is to make sure that one side of the towel rack hangs from a stud, not just the drywall. Without the extra support of the stud, odds are your towel rack will eventually fall. This article will inform you on how to properly install your bath towel rack.

Step one is finding a spot that’s convenient to hang the towel rack. I’ve seen towel racks placed in locations, where other parts of the bathroom interfere. For example, placing the towel rack behind the door can cause problems when the door is open! I always recommend positioning the towel rack within reaching distance from the shower or tub, since you’ll need the towel upon completion of your shower or bath.

Always make sure that your towel rack is positioned in a spot that will not be exposed to dripping water. Dripping water will damage the rack and this is another way to leave a hole in the wall. You’ll need a stud finder in order to locate the closest stud to your desired location. Keep running the stud finder in that area until you find the stud. This will be where you’ll hang one side of the rack, on the stud.

After finding the location, then comes choosing an appropriate height. Base the height around the people that will most often use the towel rack. If it’s a child, you may want to position the towel rack on the lower side, so the child can reach the rack. If that’s not in your plans, then just be sure to get the child a stepstool!

With a pencil, mark the wall at the height you’ve chosen to hang the towel rack. Now grab the rack and place it on the mark, holding the other side up on a horizontal line. If you have a leveler handy, place it on top of the rack to confirm it’s sitting on a straight line. Once you have it in place, mark each spot with your pencil.

Now it’s time to drill some holes. Take the drill and drill the screw holes, where you’ve marked on the wall. The holes on the side opposite of the stud should be bigger, so the anchors can fit. The anchors will provide the extra support that the weaker side needs. You can hold them up in order to measure an accurate size.

Now that the holes are set, the anchors should be placed first. The thicker side of the anchor should always face out. Once the anchors are in place, you’ll be able to position the other side and secure the opposite end by screwing in the remaining holes.

Once all the screws are in, double check to make sure it’s secure and safe. Test it out with a few towels to see if it will support the extra weight, especially if they’re wet. Once this is confirmed, you’re new towel rack should be in place for years without any problems!

This author is a handyman and enjoys renovating bathrooms. He’s originally from the Mid-West where an electric towel warmer is a must during the cold winter days. He’s also capable of installing hydronic towel warmers, which requires plumbing work. More can be found at his site, electrictowelwarmer.org.

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