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Toner: Better and more economical

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

The first thing that comes to mind when the word ‘toner’ is used is skin toner, which is basically a skin strengthening and toning liquid, but no, over here we are talking about ink toners, like the Cannon FX 1 toner, used in used in the Cannon FX1 cartridge.

Originally toners were hardcore charcoal powders, which then went on to become carbon powders and now are electrically charged dry inks. The modern tone, though does not look very different from the earlier stuff, is in the form of a very fine electrically charged powder which is generally filled into toner cartridge. These cartridges are mostly used by laser printers (Example: Canon FX 1 , Canon FX1, HP Laserjet), photocopiers and some fax machines.

Many laser printers like HP LaserJet’s and Cannon laser have cartridges similar to the Cannon FX1 tonertoner,drum toner etc. Most of these are complete cartridges that include the drum and the toner in one unit and are, economical to refill or replace although replacing guarantees better quality. Another benefit of these is that replacing a cartridge means replacing the drum too, which although expensive, gives a long lasting print impression again and again, with each cartridge lasting upto atleast 1000 pages on a minimum basis, of course depending upon cartridge itself also.

While printing with a toner cartridge, the image is generally changed into bitmapped charges of the opposite polarity of the toner, on the drum. The toner gets attracted onto the charged areas and then this is fused onto paper by the fuser and then dried out by heat.

Many of these toner cartridges can be refilled with toner as well but the end result neither trustable nor even close to the original. Market compatible and company refurbished cartridges are available and are a common choice for those who cannot afford to buy the original stuff, although the market compatible cartridges are almost as good as the new ones.

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