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Touch it and you’re finished…

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

Somehow the word Koozie has become synonymous with beer. Beer Koozies are a rage in the world especially in American states and in the UK. Koozies are frequently known as beer jackets or beer coats and have become a serious fashion statement along with being a simple necessity.

Koozies can be made from several materials, which vary from plain foam to neoprene and foam based variants of neoprene. The whole concept is keeping the costs low, because a lot of these are made into custom koozies or personalized koozies and are given at bare minimum costs or sometimes even free as marketing and promotional gimmicks.

The whole concept of koozies, as per the market, is to keep the drink cold, but this is not entirely true. Koozies are not used just for alcoholic drinks, or beer for that matter. They are also used to cover bottles and cups. A lot of companies used to, and some still gave away, custom koozies branded with the company’s branding because these are inexpensive to manufacture and giving them away at promotional costs or even free, increases the companies branding within the public and also provides the company with a lot of word of mouth publicity.

Beer Koozies are primarily used to keep the beer chilled and the hands handling the beer warm, but koozies have a wide range. Not only do custom koozies come for bottles but also for cans and soda pop bottles. Some companies even offer personalized koozies that contain a particular name or theme like a Harry Potter theme party could have Black and Silver Koozies that says “Voldermort’s beer: Touch it and you’re finished”!

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