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Twitter and Facebook Marketing: An excellent idea.

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Facebook and Twitter are basically social networking applications or websites that work on connecting friends, families, business professionals and more. Facebook of course is a full-fledged social networking site, while twitter is what is well known as a micro blogging or tweeting site. It is worth a mention here, that Facebook is one of the largest online platforms created to meet, greet, chat, update statuses, play games and on the whole have a good time with your friends from within your homes. Many other sites also provide facility to buy Facebook fans, get more traffic from facebook, get facebook likes, traffic from twitter etc.

Launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends from their dormitories, membership to Facebook was initially limited to students of Harvard University. Once the platform started gaining popularity, membership was expanded to other colleges in the Boston Area, going on to students from high school and is now open to anyone over the age of 13. Now, with a rating done in July 2010, Facebook has more than 500 million users and an increased rate of buy Facebook marketing with people actually teaching how to professionally do marketing on Facebook!

Now, if we understand the concept of marketing, we are basically trying to sell or promote a product to an audience with a hope of increasing sales for our product and in turn generating revenue, repeat business and word of mouth publicity as well. This promotion may be directed towards a single set of individuals or a mixed class. For example a company selling cold cream wanting to make its name in the market will probably want to target the female sector while another promoting / selling website design and such services will target a general group or yet another promoting chicken will target the non-vegetarian groups! And what better place than Facebook, to have more than 500 million people to target, and most of them already bifurcated into groups, classes and sectors! Nowadays many companies are assisting varied business groups with efficient marketing on Facebook, getting Facebook fans and Facebook itself also has its own marketing and advertising department.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also a social networking site but then it is a totally different concept and idea. Twitter is a site owned by Twitter INC and is a micro blogging site that basically allows you to twitter marketing .e. update your status and answer the question ‘What are you doing today’ in less than 160 characters. People follow each other on Twitter to keep in touch and many a film star or TV star and such celebrities are members of twitter and frequently update their statuses. These people have their own set of followers in many thousands and many lakhs. Many an organization today asks you to pay them to help you get more and more twitter followers. Now if a person had 1 lakh followers and asked them to visit a site to buy a product, and out of those 1 lakh even 10000 bought the product and / or visited that site then wouldn’t it be termed as excellent marketing?

Marketing is a field taking its own shape with Facebook marketing, online marketing and trying to get more twitter followers. Who knows what will happen in times to come?

Facebook also has fan pages for various causes and artists, advertisements etc which are a major source of marketing on facebook and revenue generation both for facebook and the age.

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