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Webinars, A Strong Prospecting Device For REALTORS

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

A leading internet marketing research organization recently published their small business guidebook to lead and shopper demand creation. As all of the content in this description is not necessarily pertinent to the real estate industry, there are several lessons that can be implemented by real estate agents and brokers to swiftly speed up their revenue.

One of the main conclusions of the report was that aside from social networking, utilizing live webinars are one of the the majority effectual ways to charm leads internet. This information is wonderful for hungry agents because while not complicated, the technology for webinar is very underutilized in the real estate space. As a result, there is a giant opening for delineation for the REALTOR that features webinar in their bag of gear.

As a point of demarcation, video and webinar are fantastic, but how would you treat them as a real estate professional? Well, for those of you that host district meetings to teach you community and in turn gather leads, going online may present an easy way to reach a much broader section of your community. For those real estate agents that don’t manipulate this system of lead generation, creating a brief webinar to promote a specific section of consumers or sellers in your district may allow you to connect with many prospective clients that you would otherwise not be able to touch. In addition, by using the webinar as a lead capture tool, you can radically reduce your overall cost per lead as online marketing costs a fraction of direct post or neighborhood farming.

So how would you go about creating and marketing a webinar, and how would it fit into your other lead generation actions?

To provide an explicit example, suppose that you currently serve an neighborhood where values are depressed, but property is being sold by short sales. What you could do is build a thirty minute PowerPoint display that goes over the short sale process, what the steps are to construct a short sale package, and the relative risks to credit and capital sellers may face.

Next, you would choose a webinar service on which to present the webinar. I recommend GoToMeeting. Nonetheless, if you are looking for low cost, DimDim is free. Schedule your webinar and begin marketing the event. Be sure that you add the link to the invitation to your website, and have your web page manager add the invitation to your home page. If you have a list of contacts you are already supporting, invite them to the event.

After you have created the webinar, or at least finalized the topic, contact a few regional businesses and see if they will place flyers advertising the webinar in exchange for you offering coupons or other discounts for their service on either the thank you page of your webinar registration. The ideal situation is if your district businesses can provide something of usefulness that you can give away to webinar attendees as it adds usefulness to your presentation and cross promotes other businesses in the community.

In addition, either produce door hangers or a direct letters piece that goes out to the region that you are presently farming inviting homeowners to the event. This facet of the promotion may sound expensive, but keep in mind that if you can catch their digital information, your cost for drip marketing goes down exponentially. A good number of your prospects are in the market to sell at this very moment, but almost all of them will be trying to sell sooner or later. If you capture their information now, you can use online marketing accessories to remain top of mind until they are ready to sell.

Send numerous emails inviting prospects to attend your presentation, and remind those who registered to show up.

On the day of the presentation, be sure to login early and address any bugs in the system. Go through your presentation and address any questions that may arise through online chat or email. At the conclusion of the presentation, have a clear and concise offer and call to action so that your prospects know what the next steps are to manage your services.

To finish, be sure that you produce a follow up email for those who attended as well as those who did not. Include your call to action and an offer that will help your prospects take the next steps to contact you in both of these and remind everyone where online they may view the archived video.

A few days later, send out your publication letting every person in your email list know that your recent webinar was a success. Include a review of the topic discussed, a link to the archive, and an overview of what you offered in the presentation. By going through this process, you will the majority likely attract a number of new clients as well as hundreds of new prospects that you can court until they are ready to buy or sell.

Stop by the Rainmaker Masters Circle REALTOR marketing website to learn the best practices and how to attract more listings and close more sales.

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