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What happens if the Japanese knotweed problem in your garden is ignored?

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Japanese knotweed is an ever-growing problem in the UK mostly due to its fast spreading and difficult eradication. However if you find that the problem is in your back garden, than do not attempt to phone the local council, as unfortunately it is your duty to eradicate it. As the plant is tolerant of soil acidity, heavy metal contamination and air pollution, it is your responsibility to rid of the invasive weed in the most suitable manner and also eradicate it before it causes any more issues like the following when untreated.

• The knotweed untreated will continue to spread, it will grow strength in its root system and gradually become harder and harder to eradicate in the future.

• Fallen leaves from the invasive weed will then decompose slowly forming a substance which will further prevent anything else germinating in your garden.

• If the plant is located close to any structural work such as fences, newly built walls, or paving there can be substantial damage when in contact. This is also thought to be not covered by home insurance.

• Furthermore if the plant from your garden crosses into a neighbour’s garden or damages another resident’s structural work, legal action could be carried out.

• Having the plant surrounding your house could also potentially de-value the building, particularly if identified during the conveyance process. This could also affect any loans or mortgages taken out for the house as many mortgage companies may refuse any offers on infested areas. On this note is important to ask this question when planning to purchase a home.

• Knotweed can grow though concrete slabs and tarmac as well as through roofs and brick work, therefore if left unattended the plant can quickly grow out of hand and put to action its destructive power.

• It is impossible to make sure that the plant is 100% eradicated. Therefore it is very important to receive expert advice concerning the plant and confirm that any root which may look as though dead is not in fact lying dormant in the ground – Which can happen for long periods of time.

• In terms of your gardens appearance, the weed can prevent significant amounts of light reaching other plants that you may favour. Due to the thickness and density of Japanese knotweeds leaves it can be extremely threatening to other plants also in that it displaces native flora in its growth process.

The author specialises in Japanese Knotweed Removal and Japanese Knotweed Eradication in the UK. A great way for Japanese Knotweed Control.

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