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When you want it Cool ‘Koozies’ gotta Rule!!

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Snowy mid night … thirsty for a beer!! You’d always love your beer cooler than ever … right?? But, the mere thought of holding that cool Beer-Can in your hands in such a cold weather would be such a turn off to the entire idea of enjoying the beer. What to do … well follow what my friends’ grandpa would do and wear hand gloves or check out a ‘Koozie’ … something that is as cool as it you might think it to be. Meet my best beer buddy – ‘A Beer can cooler’ which is something that will keep your hands Warm, but at the same time would keep your Beer as cool as it was, when pulled out of your refrigerator and that too for a longer duration!!!

Well technically a Koozie, as in a ‘Beer Koozie’ is actually a hollow cylindrical cover for your beer container. It is generally made out of many foam life materials such as neoprene and polyester or pure foam made (as in earlier days of its manufacturing). With the increasing number of people, including me, who would love the new jacketed way of beer, you can now find a variety of options for yourself. Newer designs, newer colors and multiple uses are some of the reasons why you’d find increasing number of people going for such new devices every time.

Such devices, these days have become a good way of making a Cool Style statement. How?? Just go ahead and make it a personalized one. Well, say for example, if this Saturday you are wearing a black dress or a silver tie and a jacket to make your appearance for some party, you can just look cooler by carrying a plain fluorescent or a black designer one. Or this time, on your birthday, to give away as a return gift to your friends and loved ones, you can get one such huggie with a nice message or a cool picture, may be your picture or the picture of a birthday cake on it and make it more memorable and likable. You can also get them as a souvenir, as a mark of remembrance for some special place, special date or a special trip of yours, jus like I did it. And trust me you’re going to love it!!

And these days with their increasing popularity and their multitude of possible usage both the people and the companies are also applying the use of these devices to different things also and not just a beer can holder (as it was earlier thought to be). These devices can also be used not only for your beer cans but also your juice and water bottles, your energy drink shaker. And not only you, even your an year old baby would love the milk bottle with her favorite cartoon character printed on it.

With the endless number of applications and unlimited personalization and custom design methods, Koozies are the coolest companions to keep all that you want, cooler in both looks and temperature.

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