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Why scientific change occurred occurs for Kuhn?

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

Why levins and lewontin argue that scientific change resulted from political – economic change:

Due to political and economic changes people where exposed to different economical situations and they faced difference obstacles. The changes in both, the political and economical situations, brought some setbacks in the field of scientific research as a result this compelled many scientists to offers solutions to these problems. In the process of solving these problems more and more discoveries emerged in science.

Why scientific change occurred occurs for Kuhn:

From Kuhn’s point of view scientific knowledge developed through two main phases; that is through the normal and revolutionary phase. According to his view normal science is a very crucial feature in the development of scientific knowledge, since it has a very great influence. From Kuhn’s observations some factors like psychological and sociological factors contributed to the better understanding of scientific knowledge. These two factors greatly contributed to the better understanding of scientific knowledge. They just acted as a go-between, making it easy to understand more about scientific knowledge.

From Kuhn view a scientist’s society is where there are many practitioners who have a good and common understanding about science. These people must share some common principles and concepts.

Kuhn further argues that the other characteristic of scientific growth is that it has its roots in psychological and sociological factors of research as compared to any logical discoveries. He states that their is no logical explanation to the manner in which scientific change occurred.

Kuhn expresses that the proceedings of scientific change where not all that smooth from one stage to another. According to Kuhn their is no specific formula or format that clearly explains why scientific change took place, it is seen to have been initiated by a gesture switch. He claims that scientific change did not follow a given sequence. Kuhn relates scientific change more to a kin of religious conversion therefore its existence does not have a specific and vivid explanation.

Levins-lewons though:
From my own point of view levins lewontin is the one who clearly explains the rise of evolution during the 19th century. From levins lewontin we are shown that there is a clear relationship between embryology and evolution. From the relationship the methods that are mostly employed in evo-devo include; evolutionary development genetics, comparative biology and experimental development.
Mostly comparative embryology gives the basics and origin of phylogenies. There has been a great coincidence with the previous researches that have exhibited that the evolvability of development gives a good understanding of morphological evolution. creative writing essay paper

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