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Why social work is an important career?

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

The nature of social work flows from its purposes which are from various personal, historical and geographical perspectives. Social work is concerned with social justice and with improving the quality of life for all. It can be defined as a profession that engages in the psychosocial evaluations and interventions that includes some therapy, permitted under the provisions, to effect change in the feelings, attitudes and the behaviour of the client, whether it’s an individual, group or the community.
Social work can also be said to be a profession whose main primary concern is how human needs which includes individuals and that of groups can be met within the society. In general the services of social work are designed to aid the poor, aged, women and children, and the community at large. However with the current changing trends in the world to day, the services of social work have been extended to even the rich due to the arising needs. Social work entails working in areas and with various categories of people and this includes the women and children, the sick e.g. the HIV/AIDS patients, the youth, the working people, people affected with various disasters and calamities and in general, the larger community
The scope of study of social work career includes looking at human relations and their needs, social welfare of the community, guidance and counseling, community training and mobilization on various issues affecting and those which that will bring change in the community, research in social work and ethics and values in social work. It this profession one can either work in the field or in the office depending on the work. Social workers can work with the Non-governmental organizations (national or international), community based organizations, religious organizations and the government. Those who work in the field will learn more, meet many people of different categories and also meet many challenges. This offers them an exposure and will be able to make many important contacts with people and organizations which will be very useful to them and their careers.
Social work is an exciting career because it is a profession takes a person to many places as one can work anywhere in the world provided the job is available, However one has be careful on taking up a job especially in some areas which are not safe in terms of security. The prospects in this career/ profession are generally favourable and rewarding in terms of salaries and allowances in ones luckily gets a rewarding job in international organizations. This is a career which teaches a student to have patience, mercy and humane heart of assisting and listening to the people/ client. One must be ready to spend time with the people and at times work for long hours either in the office or in the field depending on the needs on the ground.

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