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Wine of many types

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Wine is not just classified into what the common man thinks, as in red wine and white wine and a rose wine and so on and so forth. It has a lot more to it and is a deeply though about drink that is grown with great efforts and enjoyed delicately. Australian wine is one of the most naturally made drinks because it is made from grapes and only grapes. Grape is a fruit that does not need any acids or enzymes or anything else additional for fermentation and thus the drink made from it is basically fermented grape juice better known to us as wine.
Yes it is true that the three main types of Australia wine are Red wine made from a Black grape, white wine made from a green grape and a rose made from a combination of the two or made from black grapes as well. The juice of all wine grapes is translucent in color. It is only the effect of leaving the skin of the wine grape in while fermentation, that imparts the wine its color. It must also be remembered that wine can in itself be categorized. There are reds, whites, roses, deserts, and even cooking wine that has a high quantity of salt in it and should ideally be used for cooking and only cooking.
It may not be known but mixing wine with any sort of fruits like apples and berries will make it a fruit wine, and the same is relished in many parts of the world. Wine can also be classified into alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic wine. The alcoholic wine is your normal fermented wine and a non-alcoholic wine is actually not non-alcoholic but has had the alcohol removed from it, but then it still has traces of alcohol.

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