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X-doria Ultra-thin iPhone 4 Protective Shell

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

iPhone 4 has excellent design, body thickness of only 9.3 mm, the whole side modified of the silver lines, the appearance of simplicity in filling the extravagance. Indeed, people used the iPhone 4 are amazed at the outstanding performance of the product, it’s hot, is not accidental, but inevitable. Consumers using iPhone 4, many of them want to complete showing the original appearance.

X-doria as the most high-end Apple accessories brand in U.S., integrating the world’s most cutting-edge design and the best Apple accessories manufacturer, has always been consumer-centric, provide more different demand accessories. The new introduced X-doria blade 0.5mm ultra-thin iPhone 4 protective shell, the perfect match iPhone 4, show the original charm of iPhone 4.

Most commercially available ultra-thin iPhone 4 protective shell, because process is not in place, lack of toughness, easily bending fracture damage, and X-doria blade ultra-thin protective shell produced with Japan’s Sumitomo injection molding machine manufacturer, the standard of 0.5mm, can be 0 ° bend, not break even if the times disassemble.

X-doria blade 0.5mm thin iPhone 4 protective shell, follows the sleek design of Apple’s fit, more refined and more beautiful for iPhone 4, but also has anti-scratch, anti-seismic and other functions.

X-doria blade 0.5mm ultra-thin iPhone 4 (wholesale iPhone 4S cases)protective shell, have transparent color, white, transparent black and other colors, especially the transparent color, is more suitable for popular white iPhone 4, perfect show the original character of white iPhone 4 (best iPhone 4S case) .

Each thin 1mm, behind has countless efforts, like Apple, whether iPhone or iPad, even to Macbook, will implant light in the hearts of each consumer. The X-doria ultra-thin blade iPhone 4 (best iPhone 4S case) only 0.5mm, and the manufacturing process well, long-term use is not easy to break, the perfect show the original iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S covers) shape.

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