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5 Effective Link Building Strategies

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

Link-building is one of the most important elements in the whole process of search engine optimization. Though every website and business needs a different approach for their link building campaign still there are some generalized and common ways which marketers can employ to rank their website high in the search engine result page.With this article we have come up with some of these strategies which can help business and brands get their website at the top of the search engine….

Directory submission

Most of the search engines including Google use the links of important web and business directories to provide relevant content to their visitors. There are various web and business directories available out there which web-masters and link builders can use to boost up their search engine ranking.

These directories provide both free inclusion service and premium service. Though both of these are useful nonetheless in the premium based inclusion your listing is guaranteed and secured.

Press-release submission

Press-release submission is another important link building techniques used by web-masters and developers to get link juice for their sites. There are various press-released site like PR-log, free-press-release.com and many more which can be used by marketers.

Create and maintain a blog

Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the most important methods to make your static website dynamic. There are various platforms available out there which can be used as the content management system like Word-press, Type-pad, Bloggers and many more. Web-masters can get tons of links by updating their blogs with relevant and quality content and information.

Forum marketing

These are the platforms which are being used by people to interact with people having same interest. There are various forums available out there which can be used by web-developers and web-masters to promote their websites.

Web-masters intending to get links from these platforms need to have patience and avoid posting links right away rather they should first create interaction and personal relationship with forum members and once you are established in the forum start doing your link building process.

Article submission

No doubt Google panda has frowned upon those sites which are content farmers still it has not lost its relevance and Search engines are still using these links to provide relevant result to their users. Article marketing service would be beneficial for you as long as your content has quality and is unique.

There are hundreds and thousands of link building strategies available in the digital space and web-masters can get most out of these by employing various strategies simultaneously and con-currently. Link building and search engine optimization is not a one-day process it is a continuous and on-going process which should be employed continuously and with a lot of patience.

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