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Adjustment Method and Anti-jamming Solution for Surveillance Cameras

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

Adjustment method and anti-jamming solutions for surveillance cameras, security monitoring, video surveillance, digital video surveillance, security monitoring network surveillance cameras Category: black and white and color. However, due to the black and white surveillance cameras has high resolution, illumination, etc. in particular use, it can be the characteristics of the infrared light imaging, television monitoring system, black and white CCD surveillance camera market share is still high. Surveillance cameras adjustment method 1, auto iris lens and CCD-IRIS are likely to interfere with each other, depending on where trade-offs. By moving the lens aperture and CCD-IRIS in a particular case will interfere with each other, may be appropriate to adjust the aperture to resolve. 2, note ATW / ATW-PRO and use the tracking range limited occasions. 3, VIDEOLEVEL is to improve the overall video level to adjust the role of the AGC is enabled more effective.

When the black object appears too bright or too dark, the other adjustments may be considered invalid use. 4, the right adjustment of the aperture avoids the stain color drift. The emergence of such interference, a slight normal image will not drown, and when the image cannot be serious watch (or even destroy synchronization). This phenomenon causes more failures are more complex. Generally, there are several reasons: (1) poor quality video transmission line, in particular, poor shielding (shielding is not of good quality copper wire network, or network is too thin and would not achieve shielding effect). At the same time, this type of video cable wire resistance is too large; resulting in greater signal attenuation is increased failure. In addition, these video lines and 75Ω characteristic impedance is not beyond the prescribed parameters of one of the reasons is the cause of the failure. As the above-mentioned interference is not necessarily bad is generated video line failure, so the cause of the malfunction in the judgments to be accurate and careful. Only when the exclusion of other possibility, you can consider from the point of view the negative video cable. If the cable quality really has problems, the best way of course is to replace all cables, replaced the cable meet the requirements, which is the best way to solve the problem. 2) Since the power supply system is not “clean” and cause. Here, the power supply is not “clean” refers to the normal power supply (50 weeks of sine wave) superimposed on the interference signal (spy camera for home). And this power of interference signals, and more from the grid used in SCR equipment (counter surveillance equipment). In particular, high current, high voltage silicon devices, the pollution is very serious on the grid, which led to the same power grid is not “clean.” Such as the FM network in high power thyristor speed control devices, thyristor rectifier, SCR AC-DC conversion device, etc., will power pollution. This solution is relatively simple; it basically can be resolved as long as the entire system uses clean power or on-line UPS power supply. from: audio surveillance equipment

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