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Be The Influx People Of QQ ,Double QQ Phone Q1 Is Landing The Market

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Be The Influx People Of QQ ,Double QQ Phone Q1 Is Landing The Market


With the use of BlackBerry users into multiple growth QQ, many brands are very positive about the BlackBerry on the QQ chat application. Recently, a double QQ dual card dual standby mobile phone as an excellent friction characteristics of the BlackBerry Q1 market, not only has a stylish and elegant appearance, also has no other BlackBerry features the world’s first, that in the end to experience the excellent main QQ Q1 inparticular theMountWhereis it in


QQ of the huge user base, mobile phone anytime, anywhere can log into the new network QQ chat mode. The landing double QQ is the biggest advantage of Q1, as long as a SIM card to the phone can run two of his favorite QQ, and quickly switch between them, this more intelligent way of the double QQ is the first time landing Be realized in Q1, the QQ software to move the phone, chat anywhere, anytime to meet the demand, so that you enjoy “As long as there is power, I online” QQ wonderful life!


QQ1 is designed for portable mobile phone(cover de blackberry 8520) series introduced a dual-card dual standby dual QQ stylish slider phone, the 15mm thickness of the fuselage, Q1 not only has a slim and elegant appearance, and can use both hands to operate the slide +, comparable to “BlackBerry “(blackbery housing replacements wholesale)all-digital keyboard, in the integration of millions of Chinese people will use Sogou Pinyin input method, so you have a better chat input into the extremely expert Q phone chat!


Q1 provides the perfect control of the mobile phone, a key control in the menu Shuttle to free swirling, blending two custom buttons, with the demand for expanded control experience, let the phone becomes more personal.


Moon double-injection process transparent front of the fuselage is a 2.2-inch QVGA screen, the screen quality fine, fine font, to the realm of pleasure. It is in good screen support, enjoy entertainment features such as video, pictures, especially the text to read, has great comfort to play.


In addition, Q1 also provides? It is noteworthy that, Q1 is a dual card dual standby mobile phone(blackberry curve rhinestones phone cover), to meet the pursuit of fashion and business people need to QQ chat!

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