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Bluetooth stereo headphones – song’s comprehensive evaluation results

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Song’s clever D1 this type of music appreciation bluetooth headset positioning in use, use is earplugs connection bluetooth signal emitter design. Earplugs with bluetooth signal emitter may not be separated. D1 bluetooth signal receiver modelling is good, deserve to pattern, part is aesthetic feeling.

D1 USES is the bluetooth V1.2 agreement, support the Headset, agreement were branch – copy, A2DP and AVRCP. These agreements have been able to realize the bluetooth headset use most of the function. This type of bluetooth headset official offer for 345 yuan.

From the above photo you can see that this type of D1 bluetooth headset work is still good. The bluetooth signal emitter three buttons, realized the bluetooth headset operation. Besides black version outside, still have a white version can choose.

Since music appreciation is positioning a section of bluetooth headset, here is this kind of headset sound quality performance. Evaluation of this earphone is using the phone W950 SONY Ericsson. Listen to the music with gold the ear the fever audition dish “, “1987 Vienna New Year concert” and some pop songs. The music files is mostly 320K coding MP3 files.

First is the connection and transmission effect, in shutdown cases long time hold power key until the indicator lights flashing red and blue. Using mobile phone search(mobile phone bluetooth headset), input “0000” connection code, connection succeeds. Start the music play function, mobile transmission in good effect, without music can hear a slight bottom noise. In music playback, bottom noise can be ignored.

Again for said D1 voice quality and the main trend, music is golden ears listening the fever audition dish “(bluetooth music headset). Song’s D1 voice triple frequency on a more balanced was not, as some bluetooth headset, disguise for transmission not beautiful, low frequency, this is exacerbated comparative satisfactory. Triple frequency equilibrium feel, is the total sound style incline to YuQingXin bright, sound control is better, in place and no divergent.

Judging from the sound effects, this kind of earplug can very good listening to meet people’s needs, but from enthusiasts enjoy requirement or some gap, of course, D1 themselves are not located in a fever earplugs. D1 style suitable music types are abundant, clean, powerful voice performance, for most consumers like pop music for performance is so good.From: wholesale bluetooth headsets

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