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Catalyst Theme Discount Code 2014 – Catalyst Coupon 2014

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

See you already purchures the Catalyst Theme with Catalyst Theme Discount code. Have enough work creating content, building authority for your pages. Catalyst Theme has everything you need for SEO also as well as design. 

Catalyst Theme DiscountCatalyst Theme is a new wordpress theme framework. As with many of these next generation WordPress theme frameworks, Catalyst aims to help you quickly develop your WordPress blog design in any way you see fit. As you can see, I have purchased Catalyst Theme myself and I am learning how to use it on this site. I buy the Catalyst WordPress Theme with Catalyst Theme Discount code.

Catalyst Theme Coupon 2014

Catalyst Theme Coupon code to get discount on Catalyst WordPress Theme. You can save up 20% with ours special Catalyst Theme Discount code.

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Catalyst is the Premium WordPress Framework Theme you’ve been searching for. Catalyst isn’t your typical WordPress Theme. It’s not just a cookie-cutter template to slap on the face of your site. Catalyst is more of a design platform. It gives you the power and flexibility to create a site that’s uniquely yours. With over 600 custom options at your fingertips, what you can create with Catalyst is only limited by imagination.

Catalyst WordPress Theme Features

  • Dynamik Child Theme with over 600 design options. While the Catalyst Theme has a core set of options, the Dynamik Child Theme expands on this with even more options to give you complete control over the look of your site.
  • Included 22 Dynamik Child Skins. Don’t like the default Catalyst look? There are 22 different skins to base your designs on. And if you choose, you can easily create your own custom skins.
  • Custom layouts, widgets and hooks. With Catalyst, you can create any layout you want (1 col, 2 col, etc), and you can place your widgets anywhere you choose. Not only that, you can have different layouts for any post or page.
  • Custom CSS Builder. Allows you to easily edit the CSS for any elements on your site within the Catalyst Theme option pages.
  • SEO Friendly Options. Includes all the common SEO features you want in a theme like setting custom post titles, descriptions and many other important SEO options.
  • Full Integration with the Google Font Library API
  • Powerful Import/Export options (including the ability to Export Full Blown Child Themes)
  • A Pure Framework Filled with Custom Hooks and Filters
  • Comprehensive Documentation that’s built right into the Theme Options
  • 4 Custom Widgets: Excerpt Widget, Author Bio Widget, Ad Widget and a PHP Text Widget
  • Automatic updates (no more manually installing zip files every time a new version comes out)
  • Full WordPress 3.0.3 Compatibility
  • Built-In Image Uploader
  • New “outside of the box” Page Templates offering you more control when you need it
  • Clean, Fast, Efficient, HTML5 Validating code that provides a powerful foundation for

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