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China economy influence world

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

China’s exports, car sales, imports of raw materials and other fields highest in the world. Since 1979, the implementation of reform and opening up policy, China’s economy in world history occurred in the most profound changes, GDP average annual increase of nearly 10%. Today, many Swedish companies in China as the most important market. Meanwhile, China by providing a large number of cheap goods to world market prices remain at a low level, China’s growing competitiveness. By buying more and more foreign enterprises and government bonds, China increased influence in the world. Now every day’s news on China. The purchase of Greek government bonds such as China, the Chinese highway would be built in Germany, the Chinese investment in Africa raw materials. When the United States and the European Economic swing from time to time, China’s share of the global economy growing and to become a driving engine of world economic growth. Analysts believe that another 10 to 20 years, China will become the world’s largest economy. This will affect all levels around the world.

China’s economic influence go hand in hand with its political influence. China in the International Monetary Fund’s influence is increasing. “Financial Times” reported in China in recent years the amount of loans to developing countries than the World Bank. As wealth increases, China’s influence around the world. Rich Chinese people need more and more energy and raw materials, especially in Africa and Latin America. China is the world’s largest foreign currency reserves. China is not only the largest creditor of U.S. Treasury bonds, now began to buy euro bonds. To diversify risk, subject to the debt crisis in Europe Greece, Spain, has attracted interest in China. North Ou Sian Bank (SEB) senior economist Klas Eklund in his writings on China noted that China’s move can be described as two birds with one stone. China’s purchase of Greek bonds also won the right to use the port to expand the political influence (china wholesale). In addition another important reason is that Europe is China’s largest export market, to keep the euro’s stability is critical to the Chinese economy. Klas Eklund said the United States will continue to criticize China on human rights (china business), but by the Treasury, exports and mergers and acquisitions, and many other factors, the U.S. needs to listen more carefully to the voices from China.

Stockholm School of Economics, Anders Johansson, director of China that the U.S. trade deficit is structural source of the problem, the low level of consumption in China is due to lack of a sound social security system, the Chinese people have savings. This makes the United States in a difficult position. If the U.S. reduces its foreign debt, the economic recovery more difficult. So the United States will exchange rate in the first place. From: wholesale products

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