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China enterprises invest overseas starting this year

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

China’s accession to the WTO is the first of China’s reform and opening up important milestone. China’s reform and opening in 1978, embarked on a Chinese characteristics, in line with the facts of China’s open roads. In the face of many difficulties and serious challenges, the Chinese government resolutely chose to accept the multilateral trade rules, in industry, agriculture, services and intellectual property rights and other fields, made the breadth and depth of commitment. 2001 became a member of the WTO. This is nothing but a very brave and difficult choice, here, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Lamy, and there is no place for snow, Mr. Zoellick, is that experience of the witness and participant, who witnessed the Chinese people and the Chinese Government’s determination and courage. Decades, China has followed a promote reform and development path, from the new member of the WTO, the participants gradually became promoters, China joined the WTO to pay for this expensive tickets, but also experienced a growth troubles, and is becoming a mature and equal partners in the WTO.

The second individual will be China’s accession to the WTO is and the world to share prosperity and to achieve win-win years. While some countries were not able to comply with Chinese rules, its commitment, there are some doubts, but ten years the answer. China in the decade, exports expanded by 4.9 times, imports increased by 4.7 times the scale of the gross national product increased by 2 times, this period is China’s fastest growing one of the best, the people’s income increased . States participating in the Chinese construction companies, while sharing the opportunities for market growth in China, the Chinese themselves are beginning to the world and foreign investment.

Ten years ago, our foreign investment less than 10 billion U.S. dollars, while the overseas investment last year reached nearly 600 billion U.S. dollars, so our way into and out of the investment is gradually becoming balanced. China in particular attention to keep in touch with the developing countries, efforts to reduce and eliminate the gap between North and South, we do our national strength and international corresponding obligations to promote South-South cooperation, we also actively participate in the activities of aid for trade, China since last year three years, to the 41 least developed countries, more than 95% unilateral tariff exemption to enable them to zero tariffs. Therefore, the least developed countries, China has become the largest export destination.

Individual will be the third and last experience, the next decade, China will take ten as a starting point to achieve more open. We first want to thank the family accepted the WTO of China, also made it clear this is a very correct choice. We know that a country is not open to the slogan of a gorgeous, there should be a series of complex policy, technology specific, should be a political wisdom and indeed, the more equitable, efficient, and the multilateral trading system is in line with the world’s future development. Therefore, we in the next decade, will focus more on joint development, bringing together the open country, so that China and other countries in the world to develop common prosperity. China is now the annual growth rate will continue to maintain as more than 8% this year, over the past decade, China’s market of 15% annual growth rate in the future will maintain this rate is estimated about 10 years, China from the international imports will exceed the total amount of global trade is now a whole, I think such a population of 1.3 billion, 1.4 billion by then even the country, its development and prosperity should be shared with everyone. We are in the future, will be more to open up, beginning this year, with particular attention to overseas companies to invest, especially focus on allowing more imports of goods to China, with particular attention to promote domestic consumption. These three points also can be shared with everyone.

China has just established this year the next five years development plan, in the development plan, we have clearly defined the further opening up of China’s detailed plan, my friends are interested in further understanding. Finally, I wish to say, that is, just ask Mr. President to the World Trade Organization has already experienced more than 60 years, the 60 years of experience tells us that multilateral trade system is undoubtedly more important than the bilateral free trade area than the plurilateral The free trade negotiations is more important, because such a free trade zone is a non-discriminatory in nature, able to promote the prosperity and progress throughout the world, so we multilateral trade rules as a basis for our new rules, the bilateral trade rule as a supplement to, and if so to speak, just in the WTO China is only 10 years, our experience also inadequate, but we still think that the scope of the current WTO Doha Round of negotiations under way is the New World (11.04,0.35,3.27 %), an important part of the new rules, if we join hands we can get a breakthrough progress, the world’s trade there will be a better environment, the world’s economic recovery will be faster.

There are many common interests between China and the U.S.and there are different views and friction, this is true (china manufacturers). President Hu’s recent visit to the United States, and Obama held a small range, a wide range of talks, held a private dinner and banquet, they have a lot of contacts, as far as I know the heads of the two found some common ground, reaching as far as possible consistent with the requirements come in the common development of our partnership relationship. This business of the two countries (china business), the people of both countries benefit, but also conducive to world economic recovery.

Negotiations on the Doha Round, of course, two heads of state talked about, I think we saw the Secondly, I would like to note is that the Doha Round is a development round of negotiations, the bargaining power of developing countries is relatively weak, differences in national circumstances will be more, so we should pay more attention to the negotiation of the interests of developing countries. The world is still a difficult recovery process, so we have ambitions of the Doha Round negotiations and pragmatic, I believe that attention to these points, there is hope that the Doha Round negotiations in recent months, the President referred to the middle of it done I hope we can do this and not to blame each other, each other and jointly safeguard and promote the Chinese in this area are willing to do their best. From: wholesale electronics

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