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Data Recovery: Must Knows

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are direly in need of one of your computer files when you realized that somehow it has been erased? Or that you deleted the file rendering it useless but now you really need it? Well, situations occur. These are simple example of how data can be lost from your computers. There are many other reasons that can cause lost data. The reasons are as following

  1. Pressing delete button accidentally. Many of us have the habit of quickly pressing enter after pressing the delete button which will cause a lost data. In Windows there is an option whether the Operating System will ask for delete confirmation. If the option is unchecked then Windows will not show the confirmation dialogue. In that case, just the press of the delete button will erase the data.
  2. Right clicking and then accidentally clicking delete while trying to click somewhere else. If above mentioned “Delete Confirmation Dialogue” is unchecked then the file will be deleted automatically.
  3. Emptying recycle bin without checking if important files are there.
  4. Formatting partitions accidentally.
  5. OS (Operating System) failure due to some missing file or file corruption etc.
  6. While transferring data from one drive to another if the write fails, the data may get lost.
  7. Removing external or portable storage device without proper removal.
  8. Power failure.
  9. Power failure or Voltage up-down while transferring data.
  10. Virus or worm attack. This is a common one. Virus or worm often corrupt files or remove them. Some hide the files so that users can’t see them. A common mistake is to format the partition then to get rid of the malware. If you format the partition, with the malware, the data is deleted as well.
  11. If Hard Disk Drive (HDD) suffers physical damage such as burning, hitting, water damage etc.

Well those are a lot of ways to lose your data. What to do when you actually lose your precious data?

There are solutions. Whether you are a Windows User or Mac user, if you lose your data, there are ways to get them back. Well, Mac has fewer ways but ways are there. From the above points we can divide the data lose into two parts. One is virtual where your hardware is not affected; only your digital contents are. Number two is where your hardware is damaged. We will talk about both.

If the problem is of the first category, then the problem is easier to solve. There is software available on the Internet that you can use. Software is available for both Windows and Mac. A powerful and reliable tool is Wondershare’s Data Recovery Software. It is easy to use, fast, reliable, user friendly and can actually recover the data without damaging it. It is available for both Windows and Mac. You will find the Windows version and Mac version on the following addresses respectively: http://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery/ , http://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery-mac/ . You can choose to give a trial first and then purchase it.

The Ultimate WordPress Backup Solution

Running on thousands of sites, BackupBuddy is an all-in-one solution for WordPress backups, restoration, & migration. Whether you’re a blogger or developer, this plugin is sure to bring you peace of mind & added safety in the event of data loss.

If the problem is of the second category then it is much more complicated. If your HDD is damaged then you would need experts to look at it. Do not try to do it yourself. Because of the delicate mechanism and hardware that is used, HDD recovery requires “Class 100 Clean Room”. Class 100 Clean Rooms mean that there cannot be more than 100 particles of 0.5 microns per cubic feet. In that room conditions are controlled as such that nothing can hamper the delicate hardware inside your HDD. Experts first examine and find out what the problems are. Then they try to get the HDD to work. If they can make it work fully or partially, they will use their tools to recover as much data they can. If the damage is not severe then chance is that you can get all of your data back.

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