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Enough network attached hardware crisis Sarkozy has said the dark

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Off the remote monitoring computer through remote control remote computers outside the network, monitoring each other’s home screen are eating wild food table, manipulating the other mouse and keyboard, open the other camera, unlike some people actually read the then hard, through the process of the network of people (Netman) made remote control software, the computer is not even a basic understanding of the home less, at any time of day can also monitor children’s Internet field has lost the case, to avoid children under the no good online habits dye; not very proficient in computer skills, Yuji handle, is also strange young members of farming can be monitored to prevent them from work on time enough to grow vegetables, on QQ , Travel forums and play the play. I had to teach the public on the back step by step application of remote monitoring software!

1, containing the software to stop this step is very simple, people soon after road, just go to a link, each of us a high load. 2, the software installation before the end pressure , placed outside of the “remote control” software. Installed to achieve the first, procure the safety of your demolition weapons folder, opportunities for unloading hazardous acquiescence “c: Program FilesNetman”, click on the sequence diagram (Figure 1), this time a reminder will play no box (Figure 2) , the initiative to launch the software with the system, the current computer software will be combined with the static machine bearing, so the point of their own must fight, “concluded that” ability to complete cut out at any time monitor the effectiveness of rescue measures.

Figure 1 Figure 2 3, registration and login to strengthen hidden, steps will be hidden in the double-backing operation, see the software interface, application of cold to inhalation of software keys Ctrl + Y Bin screen, click the software interface on the “registration fee “(Figure 3), you can register to use Extreme Member. Then click on the software on the “Options”, select Login, input into your membership number and password, and configure the poor control password (the password for the pre-control to control you use this password when rigid, with no login password differences).

Up to two members to the inferior numbers, the ability to succeed dominant control (on a computer installed in the accused (safe home security inc), and the other is the controlling party to use), so two numbers can control a computer, three numbers can control two computers, four numbers can be controlled three … (Since the control points to take a square number) (buy home safe). 5, remote monitoring using the member log in Tianjin, ring tones, in the “Remote IP / ID” at the output of a remote computer and control the number of registered members clearly, choose “Remote Control”, click on the “adjacent” (Figure 4) can be look to the other tables in (Figure 5), the other is in the QQ online chat Still play online shopping scene, all hope lost glance!from: cheap home safes

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