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Fuzhou Carries out Special Rectification Action and 57 Tenements are Written Off

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

The guard’s monitoring the computer of Yi Jing housing estate likes dummy more than 200 residential properties were ordered rectification, 57 enterprises that non-compliance of the property qualification was canceled, punished six property companies by law. This year, for the chaos of property market, Fuzhou City Housing Authority Property Services carried out special campaigns, to check and correct more than 1,000 residential property management areas in the city. Why do so many property companies have been canceled, and punished? Currently where was the crux of plaguing property market? Whether the crux of the problem can be effectively alleviated? Reporter recently conducted a survey to understand. The owners notice a posted to ask the property do not do anything. “Property only for the money-making, regardless of the owners’ lives”, on the bulletin boards of the Yi Jing housing estate in Taijiang district of Fuzhou, the reporter saw three publicity inscribed as part of the owners and industry committee, blamed the poor management of residential property company. According to Industry members of the district reports, fire hydrants and other equipment in district were damaged seriously; and security devices such as cameras (safe home security), there were different degrees of damage, the computer of the gate sentry can not display the video images. Property management industry in the assessment of the situation to the Commission services, wrote the book: Huijia property is two level charges, three level staffing, four level management services. In this regard, director Weng of the residential property company told reporter, due to ground subsidence and leakage, the district’s fire-fighting system was aged, but the fire-fighting equipment was belong to overhauled, the two sides should sit down and negotiate, can not repair all the work onto the property (safe home alarm). The 24 cameras in the area’s monitoring center, there were two damaged, being repaired, but due to the computer of the gate sentry was aged, can not receive data transmitted from the monitoring center, but the device should not be borne by the property. Yi Jing is just a microcosm of the contradictions between the owners and residential property. According to reports, Fuzhou property companies more and more complaints are: the problem leaved by the prominent developers was prominent, resulting in pre-property disputes continued; some of the property services business services were not standardized, not in place; some disputes between the owners, the property company has not timely treatment.from: home safety products

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