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Current scenario of Gibraltar job market

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Gibraltar is growing as a popular destination for people who want to be employed and settled abroad. With minimal internal unemployment rate of 2%, Gibraltar jobs are attracting professionals from diverse fields to get settled here. The reasons behind Gibraltar boom are the manifold growth of IT, tourism, and shipping, gaming and banking industry. Professionals prefer Gibraltar jobs over an employment in the UK because the cost of living here is low. So, one can save significantly even if he/she gets a little bit less salary for the same job in Gibraltar compared to the UK. English is the native language here. Hence, professionals coming from outside to Gibraltar do not face much problem while coping up with the lol environment.

Presence of foreign professionals is commonly marked in segments of jobs Gibraltar like telemarketing, software development, finance, restaurants, hotels, casinos and bars. Gibraltar jobs follow the same work rules of the UK. Working condition in Gibraltar matches to the global standard. The pay package one can avail here depends upon several factors. They are the industry in which the person is engaged, educational and professional qualifications, experience and additional skill sets. Among Gibraltar job opportunities, the IT sector is the highest paying one. Average package of IT consultants working here varies from £20,000 to £30,000 per annum. Sales jobs are the lowest paying Gibraltar jobs where the average salary is £11-15,000. Accountants, marketing and HR gaming professionals are one of the good package earners of the Gibraltar job market.

Once, a foreign professional is engaged in Gibraltar job market, he/she has to abide by the labor laws of the land. During the appointment, an official work contract is signed between the employee and the employer. As per the contract, the professional is liable to pay income tax to the Government of Gibraltar. Along with, national insurance is a must for all employees working here. However, the tax and the insurance off several benefits to the professionals. It offers him/her a social security card. This card entitles the professional to be eligible for various state benefits like the native employees of the state. According to a recent estimate, near about 20,000 foreign gamer professionals are engaged in different Gibraltar jobs by the end of the year 2010.

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